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At Will vs Right-To-Work Employment Differences

What is the difference between the “at-will” employment and “right-to-work”?

To simplify the differences between the two, “right to work” surrounds one’s freedom to work without being forced to join a union, and “at-will” gives employees and employers the right to choose whether or not one stays employed. “At-Will” Employment: “At-will” gives employers the right to fire an employee without cause.  It gives employees the …

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Homeowner vs Contractor

Homeowner vs. Contractor Responsibilities

When one begins a building project, the planning stage is fundamental to successful project completion.   Part of the planning stage includes hiring contractors essential to the project’s construction and overall success. However, disagreements frequently arise in construction projects due to timelines, coordination between contractors, purchasing material, and warrantying craftsmanship.  Doing your due diligence ahead …

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Don’t Put Yourself In The Tug-O’-War of Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Litigation: Whether you are buying, renting, or selling property, it can be extremely rewarding or stressful depending on how the transaction plays out with the renter, purchaser, or seller.  Unfortunately, one can be subjected to real estate litigation no matter where they fall within the real estate purchase chain.   While most real estate …

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Asset Planning

What is Asset Protection

In a nutshell, Asset Planning incorporates being proactive through arranging legal actions to protect your assets from creditors, judgments, Lawsuits, or an unforeseen divorce.  Asset Protection includes steps devised through a professional and legal examination of a client’s financial, personal assets, risks, and overall goals.  Legal counsel will strategize which legal tools would best be …

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How To Hire An Attorney

Why Hire A Business Attorney

Hiring a knowledgeable Business Attorney is crucial to any successful business.  Two crucial components to having a successful business are choosing an accountant and a business attorney who will help you set-up and organize a solid foundation for your business to grow.  While an accountant will help oversee your business’s financial side, a knowledgeable business …

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