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Dean Law PLLC Practice Areas include Contract Law

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A solid contract is a crucial structural support of any business. At Dean Law PLLC, we invest time analyzing and crafting documents to fit your business needs. 

Our goal is to protect you as a business owner in avoiding potential costly disputes that often arise when there is no contract at all or a poorly crafted one.

Anticipating the unforeseen and accounting for such contingencies in your business-related agreements allows Dean Law to strengthen the protections within your contract by establishing the following:

  1. Agreements that clearly and decisively outline terms.
  2. Establish remedies available to the client should the other party fail to follow through with the contract terms.

Here at Dean Law PLLC, we have the skill and experience required to draft a variety of contracts, whether customary or unique or simplistic or sophisticated.

  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Leases
  • Sales and Services
  • Distribution
  • Confidentiality and Non-Compete Agreements

Contract Essentials

Developing a successful in business, whether small or large, takes dedication, commitment, and the right team.  At Dean Law, we consider ourselves part of your team involved in counseling and guiding you and your business to success.  We Facilitate one of the most critical elements of business protection, the development of a successful and binding contract.   

Contracts serve a wide range of purposes and cover many subjects such as property, money, goods, and services.  The basic elements of legally enforceable contracts are offer, acceptance, and consideration. 

Through the proper construction, a contract can be fully implemented and enforced with the full weight of the law. Should a breach of the contract take place, Dean Law will be fully prepared to defend your interests and protect the business from harm.

Contract Default

Having Dean Law PLLC on your side to help enforce your rights with vendors who have failed to meet their contractual obligations, employees who have breached their non-compete or non-disclosure agreements, general contract disputes, or tortious interference. Dean Law will defend your legally enforceable rights looking after your best interest so that you can focus on growing and moving your company towards success.

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