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Commercial and Residential Real Estate Representation

Purchasing real estate, residential or commercial, begins with the purchase and sale agreement. This agreement must be in writing to be legally binding and enforceable. A variety of important issues in addition to price should be addressed, such as financing, inspections, contingencies, restrictive covenants, easements, title, and zoning.

Leasing real estate, residential or commercial, also starts with the lease agreement. Although certain types of oral lease agreements are valid and enforceable, every lease agreement should be in writing. Effective lease agreements will clearly describe what is being leased, the length of the lease, rent & any increases, permitted as well as prohibited uses, and the landlord’s and tenant’s responsibilities.

Real estate development and construction are an economic engine in Idaho, especially in the Treasure Valley. These complex real estate transactions almost always involve more than just the purchase and sale of the land to be developed. Issues such as financing, collateralization, permitting, zoning, access, easements, environmental studies, development agreements and schedules, construction liens, and restrictive covenants routinely need to be addressed.

At Dean Law PLLC, we have over 20 years of experience in Idaho real estate transactions. Our lawyers can guide you through the entire development process protecting your interests.


While usually not intended, an individual may find themselves in a real estate controversy and require the aid of an experienced real estate lawyer. 

Here at Dean Law PLLC, we are familiar with Idaho property laws and practices. We take pride in handling matters in a professional, timely, and effective manner, always focusing on the client’s best interest. Litigating a real estate dispute can be expensive and time-consuming.  However, other options may be available to resolve the matter.  Dean Law strategizes with our clients to bring them the best and most effective resolution.  

After assessing the merits of the dispute, we can use our experience in pre-litigation procedures such as settlement negotiations, arbitration, or mediation, to bring about a satisfactory outcome for the client.  If these alternative dispute resolutions fail, the experienced trial attorneys at Dean Law of Nampa Idaho are prepared to pursue your interests in Court.  

Having Dean Law PLLC as your trusted advisor can be a vital step in helping you structure successful real estate transactions and resolve real estate disputes.  

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